Reproductive Rights

Faith Commons affirms the inherent worth of every human being, which includes the right to autonomy over their own body. We do not believe that men should have authority over women or their bodies. The faiths represented in Faith Commons run the spectrum when it comes to this highly sensitive topic. Some of us believe that women have the right to full reproductive health care, including abortions. Some of us regard the unborn child with a sanctity that should be preserved at all costs. All of us want to see pro-lives policies that support women in the journey of pregnancy, birth and raising children, like healthcare, paid leave and childcare. We would also like to model a broader religious perspective in the public conversation other than just the evangelical Christian view. For example, the Jewish religion actually insists on abortions when the mother’s life is at stake. We believe we have a lot to learn from each other, but at the very heart of this issue, we should be on the side of the marginalized. And anti-abortion policies unfairly target poor women of color more than others.

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We celebrate diversity and inclusion in our religious communities and in society at large.
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