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“Dying to Self”

The Pastoral Reflections Institute recently published a video conversation between Monseigneur Don Fischer and Reverend George Mason. The two clergy were both featured for many years on Sunday mornings on WFAA. They discuss theology, ministry and a Holy Week theme of "Dying to Self." View the video here.

Faith leaders call on state leaders to reject Trump’s visit to Texas

Press coverage on the letter (shown below) that Faith Commons circulated to faith leaders in Texas and sent to the governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general: A story on KERA, Texas Public Radio   To:       Governor Greg Abbott             Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick             Attorney General Ken Paxton   January 11, 2021   As faith leaders in Texas we are dismayed by your failure to object to President

Who Should Define Religious Freedom and our Nation’s Moral and Spiritual Future?

By Rabbi Nancy Kasten The combination of two recent Supreme Court rulings—one allowing public funds to be allocated to parochial schools and the other shielding religious institutions from anti-discrimination laws—indicates the growing impact of a religious ideology that is neither democratic nor inclusive. To be sure, SCOTUS recently made decisions protecting LGBTQ workers and access to abortion, disappointing many religious conservatives. Nonetheless, the wall of separation between church and state is tumbling down as

Is in-person learning worth the risk?

By George Mason In this time of highly contagious coronavirus, should schools reopen on time, after a short delay, online only or a combination of in-person and online learning? Maybe you are a two-parent household without immunocompromised members. Maybe you have high-speed internet access and more than one computer that allows you —and maybe your spouse — to work from home while your children attend Zoom school. But

On church buildings reopening: Let love be your guide

By George Mason and Garrett Vickrey Mark Twain put it pithily: “It were not best that we should all think alike; it is difference of opinion that makes horse races.” The novel coronavirus is not, however, a horse race. Opinions may differ, but we should not be indifferent to the consequences that flow from them. Ethicist David Gushee’s opinion piece this week set off a firestorm on social

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