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Thoughts from the Commons: Critical Race Theory

Our second monthly newsletter from Faith Commons is about Critical Race Theory:   In our monthly newsletter, Faith Commons seeks to break down barriers of communication we may put up when we hear language we don't fully understand. Sometimes terminology can obfuscate or misrepresent the intention of the person using it. We want to practice listening and understanding with compassion so that language becomes a tool for understanding rather

Thoughts from the Commons: Israel/Palestine Conflict

Our first monthly newsletter from Faith Commons is about the Israel/Palestine conflict: This monthly newsletter will introduce you to stories, language and strategies that may feel unfamiliar, uncomfortable, and even at times threatening. Our goal is to build our muscle for thoughtful, nuanced conversations that dig beneath the surface of habitual assumptions and reactions. We want to create a space where relationships rather than slogans inform our thinking. At

Words of Challenge from a White Pastor

By George Mason Speech to the Texas Legislative Black Caucus March 29, 2021   Introductory Words Many thanks for the invitation to speak to you. I imagine this is an unusual thing for a white Baptist pastor to offer words of challenge to Black legislators. I want to thank my friend and fellow minister, Rep. Carl Sherman, for the trust this invitation represents. And it’s a double honor

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