Holy Land trip planned October 28-November 8 (or 11), 2018

It's a bucket list trip for many people. If you've been looking for a unique opportunity to visit Israel and the Palestinian territories with an optional tag-on adventure to Jordan, this is your chance.

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I will be leading this trip along with my dear friend, Rabbi Nancy Kasten. We will explore all the traditional biblical sites in the Holy Land with special attention to the Jewish roots of Christianity. The Bible will come alive for you in a way you can't imagine without being there.

Another aspect of the trip will be exposure to different perspectives on the ongoing challenges between Israelis and Palestinians, including conversations with Palestinian Christians who are caught between Israeli Jews and Palestinian Muslims. So, there are both ancient and contemporary aspects to this educational and spiritual adventure.

You do not have to be a member of Wilshire Baptist Church or even live in Dallas. Your religious identity is also not a prerequisite, as we love the prospect of learning from each other across spiritual traditions.

The link for registration, along with all the details of the trip can be found here: https://www.makorjourneys.co.il/wilshire-church-interfaith-trip

If you want to talk with me about it further, email me at george@faithcommons.org.