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Faith Commons promotes public discourse rooted in the common values of many faiths.
We cultivate unexpected relationships through educational programs that inspire more people
to participate in public life with mutual respect, hospitality, and generosity. 


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Valarie Kaur will be coming to Dallas this fall. To make the most of her visit, we are meeting weekly on Wednesdays at noon to explore the tools she created for revolutionary love. Click here for more information on joining, and catch up on previous weeks’ sessions here below:


A reverend, a rabbi and an imam serve in unity, confront the coronavirus crisis as one

The year’s holiest month nears amid one of the most somber backdrops of our lifetimes.


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“With three outstanding faith leaders from the world’s three major religions, listeners have the opportunity to receive meaningful support and comfort regardless of one’s own beliefs.”

—Bob Coleman

“In a time of division, nothing is more welcome
to me than 3 faith leaders of differing faiths
who gather to discuss commonalities.”

—Ellen Westervelt Boehmer

“Faith Commons shows once again how connected we all are through God
who crosses boundaries, borders, ethnicities, cultures, and religions—what
a large and gracious God who breaths God’s Spirit into all!”

—Jim Morrison

“Faith commons program today was terrific. I was in tears when it was over.
Times reminding me of days I marched as a teenager.
Thank you so much for all you do!”

—Marcia Grossfield

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